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Hybrid Events

Delivering the best of both worlds.

For those who can attend, and value all the associated benefits, we create an amazing in person environment. We then utilise the technology at our disposal to make the same conference available to a wider audience virtually, live and as it happens.

Tell us about your event

‘In Person’ Conferences

One of the most powerful ways of telling your story. In a room, full of people, sharing the experience and the interactions first-hand. And having the opportunity in and around the main event to network, to discuss, debate, and make connections. ASETS work with the conference teams from a wide cross section of organisations. We listen to the key themes and messages which are to be conveyed and design a stage set which reflect and support that messaging. Once signed off, we build and install that set in the venue of your choice, and provide the lighting, audio visual, complementary technical services and project management to bring your conference to life. All break out rooms are also designed ‘on message’ and sympathetic to the overarching themes.  And once the conference is concluded everything is carefully removed and the venue is returned to its original state.

Virtual Events

Increasingly a feature of organisational message delivery pre pandemic, using the technology available to deliver key messages remotely has now become embedded in the way we work. We engage with organisations who want to complement or replace their traditional in person gatherings and enable them to deliver to a global audience using a wide range of delivery tools at our disposal. We create the setting, provide the delivery technology, and ensure that the target audience gets the next best thing to being in the room.

What Makes ASETS UK Different?

With decades of experience in the audio visual sector and working on thousands of events, you can be assured we have the experience necessary for success. During this time we have kept pace with developments in technology giving us an enviable assortment of audio gear.


Our team are experienced industry veterans. More importantly, we are ‘people’ people. We get that whilst we do events all the time, for each client this is often only an annual happening. We are on your side, with a client first approach, helping to ensure you navigate your event delivery to deliver the best possible outcomes.


No two events are the same. Your event begins with a conversation We work with you to ensure we understand your goals and ambitions and then deliver an event specific and tailored to your requirements.


We are proud of our Blackpool and North West heritage and deliver many successful events in the region. But our clients extend across the length and breadth of the country, who partner with us based on our approach and execution and we deliver events for those across the UK and the world.