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Audio Visual

We offer an extensive range of equipment for hire for event organisers

We have an extensive range of equipment for hire for event organisers including :-

  • NEXO PA, boasting a fantastic high end range of speakers and amplifiers,
  • Sennheiser and AKG microphones for both corporate and gig events.
  • HD Panasonic laser projectors which ensure all projected images are pin sharp with great colours too
  • Panasonic LED screens ranging in size from 22″ to 98″

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What Makes ASETS UK Different?

With decades of experience in the audio visual sector and working on thousands of events, you can be assured we have the experience necessary for success. During this time we have kept pace with developments in technology giving us an enviable assortment of audio gear.


Our team are experienced industry veterans. More importantly, we are ‘people’ people. We get that whilst we do events all the time, for each client this is often only an annual happening. We are on your side, with a client first approach, helping to ensure you navigate your event delivery to deliver the best possible outcomes.


No two events are the same. Your event begins with a conversation We work with you to ensure we understand your goals and ambitions and then deliver an event specific and tailored to your requirements.


We are proud of our Blackpool and North West heritage and deliver many successful events in the region. But our clients extend across the length and breadth of the country, who partner with us based on our approach and execution and we deliver events for those across the UK and the world.