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Audio Visual

We have an extensive range of equipment for hire for event organisers including :-

NEXO PA, boasting a fantastic high end range of speakers and amplifiers,
Sennheiser and AKG microphones for both corporate and gig events.
HD Panasonic laser projectors which ensure all projected images are pin sharp with great colours too
Panasonic LED screens ranging in size from TBC


Combining Conference with Partner Engagement Typically taking place alongside a conventional conference, and often hosted in one of the UK’s premier conference and exhibition venues, we work with your organisers not only on the main stage but on delivery of a range of complementary settings around the venue to accommodate sponsors, exhibitors, break out rooms [...]


One of the most powerful ways of telling your story. In a room, full of people, sharing the experience and the interactions first-hand. And having the opportunity in and around the main event to network, to discuss, debate, and make connections. ASETS work with the conference teams from a wide cross section of organisations. We [...]

Virtual Events

Delivering events to a Global audience Increasingly a feature of organisational message delivery pre pandemic, using the technology available to deliver key messages remotely has now become embedded in the way we work. We engage with organisations who want to complement or replace their traditional in person gatherings and enable them to deliver to a [...]

Hybrid Events

Delivering the best of both worlds. For those who can attend, and value all the associated benefits, we create an amazing in person environment. We then utilise the technology at our disposal to make the same conference available to a wider audience virtually, live and as it happens. Tell us about your event ‘In Person’ [...]

Awards Ceremonies

Helping you celebrate excellence, success and achievement. Attending an Awards ceremony is always a special occasion, for nominees, sponsors, guests and presenters. Typically recognising excellence, success and achievement, in the company of peers and colleagues, the best ones are memorable. And the tone is set for a memorable event by ensuring the setting conveys all [...]